Bhakti means love and devotional service and I practice that through touch and Reiki. From a young age, I developed strong empathic and intuitive abilities, both in physical realm and beyond.

After an intense spiritual awakening at a temple in Trinidad in 2011, I realized it was a gift that needed to be nurtured, so I started my studies in massage and bodywork at California Healing Arts College in Santa Monica, CA. My training includes Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Oscillation, Reflexology, Jade Stone Therapy, Shiatsu, and Prenatal Massage. I went on to learn Reiki, which has become my sacred passion and after intense study, became a Reiki Master in February 2014, and then a Master Teacher in February 2016. My goal is to bring relaxation, restoration, and reconnection of the body, mind, and spirit through compassionate, conscious touch. I humbly offer you the opportunity to connect back to the essence of your being and reap the benefits of good health.